Inspire your attendees to harness the Infinite Power of their Dreaming Mind.

Not one single attendee will be nodding off when Lauri takes the stage because her presentation involves the audience.

The best way to understand the power of the dreaming mind and how it is connected to our daily lives is to see it in action.

Lauri encourages her audience to share their dreams so she can show them how our dreams work and how they can easily apply her dream-working techniques to their own dreams.

The interactive portion of Lauri’s presentation is engaging, insightful, informative and full of “aha moments.”

There is a reason we dream at night. It’s not random nonsense. When we are dreaming, we are thinking on a much deeper, more insightful level than when we’re awake. When we’re dreaming, we’re actually problem solving… it’s just in a different language.

Lauri doesn’t speak AT your attendees, she speaks WITH them!

Lauri will help your attendees understand the importance and power of their own dreaming minds. She will reveal how the mind, through our dreams, is helping us to…

  • recognize areas of our life and behavior that need improvement
  • reach our personal goals and our career goals by steering us around obstacles and keeping us focused and inspired
  • come up with great ideas and solutions
  • improve our personal and professional relationships
  • overcome the past and move on into the future …and so much more!

The truth is, our best thinking isn’t done in the shower, it’s done while we dream. In fact, when we say, “Let me sleep on it,” what we’re really saying is, “Let me dream on it.”

Your attendees will have a whole new world opened up to them and will have learned a skill that will give them the ability to understand themselves like never before… a skill that will give them an edge in their career and in their personal lives… a skill that will last a lifetime!

For almost two decades, Lauri has been inspiring people to wake up to the power of their dreaming minds and showing them how to understand the life-changing messages their dreams are giving them.

This has earned her the title as the go-to expert on all things dreams.

Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Oz are just a few that rely on Lauri to help explain the language in which our dreams speak and how to use our dreams messages to live a better, fuller life.

“Lauri Loewenberg has hit a nerve in the American Psyche by giving meaning to our dreams”
– Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical correspondent

“Thank you so much for coming to the conference. I know the women of State Farm and the other conference attendees really enjoyed your session”
– TiaMarshae E. Sanford
Odyssey Network Business Retreat


“A big thank you Lauri, for your awesome workshop on Understanding Our Dreams. We learned SO much!
– Jessica Rivelli
Working Women of Tampa Bay


“That was an amazing event, you rocked the house! Thanks for sharing Lauri!”
– Jessica Acevedo
Diace Designs


“We LOVED having you and LOVED the whole DREAM segment!  Yours was voted the favorite segment of the entire event!”
– Nurdan Johnsingh
Owner Plan Ahead Events Central Tampa


 “You were great! After you left, the students decided to start their own dream group!!”testimonial-speaking-Joseph
-Joseph R. McAuliffe Coordinator, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at USF


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