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When you can understand your dreams… even just one dream… you can absolutely change your life!

The go-to Dream Expert for the media.

I have appeared on the Dr. Oz show (5 times), The Today Show (7 times), The Katie Couric Show, The Steve Harvey Show (twice), The View, Good Morning America, the Bethenny Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Fox News, and hundreds of local morning TV shows. I’ve also done over 10,000 radio interviews where I do on-the-spot dream interpretations for call-in listeners.

Did you catch me on Live with Kelly and Ryan? (10/13/2017)

After the show we did a Facebook Live with Kelly Ripa, Gelman and the production crew that was AMAZING!

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 “Having my dreams analyzed by Lauri has changed my life!

Finding out what my dreams are telling me is like a Christmas gift to open. My dreams have became tools for me to understand my life and to change it to the better.”
– Journalist Margareta Hagglund, Stockholm, Sweden

“I must tell you that shortly after talking with you, I felt less burdened. Maybe even happier. No nightmares!  It’s a good day!

It’s amazing how the stress was affecting me. I was napping a lot, not working, not wanting to do anything.  Thank you so very much!  You are a life saver!! You rock!” 
– Lori, Johnstown, PA

Lauri’s Dream Interpretations have changed my life!

Lauri's dream interpretations has changed my life

After Lauri helped me understand a disturbing dream about my daughter, it stopped me cold. I knew instantly it was about a project I had abandoned years ago. The dream gave me the impetus to move forward so I plunged myself into the work, and two years ago I launched a DVD guide to help couples with menopause.

– Jan Brehm, 56, Portland, OR

Lauri helped me see that my dreams were giving me red flags

Being able to understand my dreams has helped me to deal with the relationships in my life like never before. Lauri helped me see that my dreams were giving me red flags about a certain person. I got rid of him immediately and now have an awesome man in my life that my dreams approve of!

– Jen Hughes, Nashville, TN

Lauri is better than any therapist!

Since 2002, I have submitted my dreams to Lauri and each evaluation has helped me to grow as a person in my waking life. It has increased my confidence in my own abilities, moved me to total independence and I’ve never been happier. I always joke that she’s better than any therapist and a lot cheaper too!! Happy Dreaming!

– Nikole Daniels, Memphis, TN

Lauri has a wonderful mastery of this area!

It is really true that when we dream it’s another part of ourself communicating and helping us. The dream world has its own language and meanings and Lauri has a wonderful mastery of this area! She is highly accurate, sensitive, intuitive, caring, and so many times right on the mark, showing me aspects I had not even considered, but that really make sense and have truly helped me in my life.

– Raha Sovereign, LaFox, IL

Our dreams are trying to tell us something…


But what? Lauri Loewenberg has hit a nerve in the American psyche by giving meaning to our dreams.

– Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent

Now I can celebrate. Thank you!!

It’s amazing how everything in the dream makes sense.I can stop obsessing over feeling guilty about the dream. Your interpretation helped me to actually forgive myself for something I couldn’t help. For 9 years I’ve been struggling with depression because of it.

– Stacey Ulrich, Wausau, WI

I had no idea this dream had SO MUCH to tell me.


I’m so glad I turned to you! I’m thankful for the guidance this dream has given me. I have a new found strength and can move forward in the right direction. I don’t need to wander aimlessly anymore, especially where this man is concerned.

– Jennifer Keyes, Holt, MI

Dreams really do hold the answers!

Thank you so much for your interpretation. It totally made sense. It helped me to avoid making the mistake of a life time. Dreams really do hold the answers to our awake life

– Judy, Strathroy, Ontario

You are wonderful!

I was feeling so depressed about this dream, thinking that it was telling me that I must leave or divorce. But you showed me that my conscious mind is actually saying save it. Open it up. Work on it. Acknowledge it. My interpretation was saying, it is over. But yours, which adds so much more depth, is that it is a construction project and we have some work to do. Thank you so much. Best money I ever spent…… Love you!

– Anne Mullins, Victoria, BC


Clearly my dreaming mind is telling me what to do. I feel so grateful Lauri, you are out there in this universe to help people shed light on their dreams and provide invaluable (and life changing!) insight. You are phenomenal at what you do. Thank you thank you thank you!!! It’s like you’ve opened my soul and peered directly into it. The dream interpretation hit the nail on the head. I’ve been ‘tormented’ the past 2 weeks over leaving my boyfriend – whom I’m in love with and feel loyal to like a dog – or forging a new path and fulfilling my dream to become a mother. Which, does feel crazy. I am so amazed at how our dreams represent the waking life, I’ll make sure to refer others to you!

– Alina, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you again, your interpretations are very helpful

I have never examined my dreams like this before. It is very interesting! Thank you for all your time and your help. You have helped me make some sense of this. I am also taking this dream as a sign from God as a wakeup call!

– Diane, Madison, WI

I got so much more than I expected from Lauri’s dream interpretation

I was happily surprised at the amount of time and detail she put into making sense of my dream for me. I learned from Laurie’s analysis that what I thought was a disturbing dream actually has a positive message for a stressful situation in my life. I feel confident in how to proceed and my optimism is returning. Thank you, Lauri!

– Jill, Tampa, FL

Your interpretation totally made sense

Understanding this dream has helped me to avoid making the mistake of a lifetime! I shared your interpretation with my friends and they were very impressed. Dreams really do hold the answers to our awake life.

– Judy, Strathroy, Ontario

Thank you for offering these dream readings

I seldom remember more than a wisp of my dreams, but I’m sure these are important. Now I can check them out!!! thanks so much!!!

– Donalee A. Verdi Neveda

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20 thoughts on “Dream Reading

  1. Margarita Ramos says:

    My boyfriend told me he had a dream that he lived with his x separate beds his x got naked he ran outside the home she went running after him naked. In the street. What does this dream mean

  2. mike says:

    I dream someone i love her but she is not interests on love .the dream she was laughing means

    1. lee garza says:

      i had a dream that me and my girlfriend were at this Avent some how she walked way from me, i lost her to find out hours later she answered the phone and that she was with my guy friend eating?

  3. Sara says:

    I keep dreaming about dating Norman Reedus I really wanna know what it means

  4. Kenyam says:

    Dreamed I was at the store an once I came to pay my products I saw Suga from a group called BTS.. Scanning his products I walked up to him to ask for a photo but he continued talking an even thoe he is Korean I could understand every word he said so he took me to were he was staying an asked me to wait for him his director got mad an made him go inside so I waited an asked her for a job… Thing is I don’t really like suga I like another bts member an as they came out suga came an grab my hand an looked at me with so much love that after him the member I like was mad an said great now he loves u an I woke up

  5. Shaylin Gillette says:

    I’ve had this dream twice now that this black wolf with yellow eyes has appeared to me first dream I’ve had he chased me into a river made me fall then he slowly walks up to me and puts his head against mine then the second dream I had he appeared outta the shadows and then sat right next to me the wolf seems like he doesn’t want to hurt me what does this mean

  6. Yvonne says:

    I am a beautiful bride walking along the road with my one bridesmaid and one flower girl and one other unidentified maiden. We were all dressed in beautiful white gowns walking to a salon to get the maid of honor. When I found her sitting by a counter fully dressed in white gown but said she is notready for the wedding until the next day.

  7. amanda lewis says:

    I dteamt of a first love who l met many years later and rushed into a secret marriage with to arrive at his house to find out of sorts..to find the marriage certificate not legal and worse still he was living a double life with an ex wife..who showed herself to me on my wedding day..when arriving at his /our new home to be.
    Hurt and disillusioned l tried to find answers to hos deceit to find non forth coming..and felt l had no choice but to leave all the hopes and dreams l believed we both had..
    I havent dreamt of this oerson in over 20 years and feel this may be more representative to the present day .

    Can you please let me know what you feel the meaning of this dream means.Amanda.

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