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Lauri’s Dream Books
5 star reviewI have purchased all of Lauri’s books. I couldn’t put them down! I even bought several as gifts. I TOTALLY recommend these for yourself or a gift for ANY occasion! -Kim Johnson Brush, Muskegan, MI

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Learn how the dreaming mind works
Learn how to understand the people, animals, settings and more in your dreams
10 rules to remember when decoding your dreams
Comprehensive dream dictionary
Nothing but 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Day & Dream Journal helps you connect the imagery in your dream to a current issue or problem.
Includes HUGE dream dictionary of 1000 of the most common dream symbols defined in great detail.
Learn ALL my secrets and shortcuts to Remembering, Understanding and even Controlling Your Dreams!

Learn how the dreaming mind works
Learn how to remember all your dreams
Learn how to dream about anything you want!
10 rules to remember when decoding your dreams
both books include a dream dictionary

79 thoughts on “Dream Books

  1. Last two nights, I had a dream that I was on ABC News. What does this mean, please?

  2. Amazing, you give a whole cosmic meaning to "follow your dreams"

  3. Kim Dachenhausen says:

    Can't afford to buy your books. Wish I could. But I have been having a seriously weirdi dream lately. I am a woman who has been widowed twice and have three kids. Don't know if that plays any part in my dream or not. Would love to find out.

  4. Lexie Reese says:

    I'm a teenager and I keep having these dreams and I thought a book would help but my parents don't let me buy things off the internet

  5. web site says:

    “Dream Books – Lauri Loewenberg – Lauri Loewenberg” was indeed a marvelous article, cannot
    help but wait to read more of ur postings. Time to waste a bit of time on-line lmao.
    Thanks -Kellee

  6. Casey Cronk says:

    Hi I'm the step mom to 6 kids from ages 4-15. I have dreams about having a baby almost every 2 weeks. Two night ago I dreamt I had a baby and I was sitting in the back of a mini van with two girls from high school I barely talk to, and my baby had bright blue hair and when I went to show other people her hair started to turn black. It was weird, why do I keep dreaming about having a baby??

  7. Reveles Angie says:

    Hi, I had a dream that I had a fully functional penis. I was really surprised I had a penis being that I am a woman. I was really confused as to what to do about it. What does it mean?

  8. Thanks very much for interpreting my dream,god bless

  9. Jason L Hill says:

    If I am sleeping I am dreaming.My two children have the same issue.It is so intense you wake up like you got no sleep.

  10. Losing of teeth in a dream what does it mean?

  11. Thank you. I believe that your interpretation of my dream was at point. Thanks. All dreams have meaning.

  12. Kerry Bridgland says:

    thanks after your interpretation of my dream , i went over it and it definately makes sense with what has been happening in my life thanks heaps for your help

  13. Carol Warren says:

    I feel your interpretation of my dream was so accurate it all made perfect sence to me, thank you♥

  14. Gisel Ama A Toy says:

    Your interpretation of my dreams are so unbelievably accurate. Its helped me to realize that i do need to let go of the past (forgive and forget) so that I can move on and be the happy person that i deserve to be.Thank you so very much i needed answers to why i was having these dreams and you helped me find them. ;o)

  15. Sela Tukino says:

    i dream my son wear police uniform , my dad sit beside him

  16. Mary Thompson says:

    I dreamt I woke up in a foreign land and everywhere I looked every nook there was a snake! A blue and black striped one lunged at me and bit my shirt in the abdomen, I was terrified and grabbed the snake pulled with all my might and threw it off of me! It went flying through the air then I woke up and could not go back to sleep!

  17. Gabby Dodd says:

    So I had a dream last night about my friend Padraic, who's in the army, coming home, and surprising me at home. I was thrilled of course. Then, cause he hugged me from behind, he spun me around and kissed me, and I kissed back. Then he kept telling me how much he loved me and all this other stuff about what we'd be like as a couple. The next thing I remember he was on his knee asking me to marry him. Then I woke up. I don't know what to do, or what it means. He did tell Me a couple of day ago that he loves me, and more than just a friend kind of love. Please help

  18. I dreamt that kim kardashian came to my country and I was close to her and taking her around my city

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