Looking in a mirror in a dream

Do you ever see your own reflection in a dream? Most people are unable to see themselves in a mirror when they dream… or when they do, they tend to look really strange! We rarely look like ourselves when we look into a dream mirror. The reason why is because our dreaming mind looks at our self psychologically, not physically. Below is a good example of how our dream reflections...

Dismemberment dreams

bloody knife
Most of us consider ourselves to be pretty decent human beings. We wake up, have our coffee and watch a bit of the news, kiss the kids as they head off to school, we trudge through work, come home, get dinner on the table, kiss the kids goodnight, wash the grime of the day off our body, jump into bed then… dream we’re chopping up babies!! Wha??? Where did that come from? You...

The 5 Warning Dreams That You’re About To Totally Lose It

This is Frankie from The Middle on ABC. She can't even... apparently.
Your kid’s not doing well in school, your workload at your job has doubled because some of your co-workers were let go, you’re not sure you’re going to be able to pay the rent on time this month and your mother in-law won’t stop meddling… grrrr! At least you can escape all this stress at bedtime. Well, maybe not. Unfortunately, the stress we deal with during the day tends t...

How to figure out the celebrity in your dreams: Ronda Rousey edition

My favorite type of dream to get is the star studded celebrity dream. I swear a celebrity makes a cameo in my dreams practically every night. The celebrity dream is also my favorite type of dream to interpret because, for the dreamer, the various celebrities that have made an appearance seem completely random. But as I always say, NOTHING IN A DREAM IS RANDOM. It’s fun to help ...

Dreaming of a house you used to live in

For the last couple of years, I keep dreaming that I am moving back in to the first home that my husband and I ever owned. Despite the fact that we have "moved on up" in the quality of the home we now own, I am always super excited in my dreams to be moving back in to this old fixer-upper. *Yes, that is the actual house I dream about -> It's actually pretty common ...

You won’t believe what Taylor Swift dreams about!

I must confess, I just love celebrities. My guilty pleasure is losing myself in the onslaught of celebrity gossip blogs. I can waste so much time doing this! So I find it particularly fascinating when a celebrity talks about a dream he or she has had because there is nothing more revealing about a person than what they dream... especially a recurring dream! Recently Taylor S...

Is Robin Williams communicating with Dana Carvey in his dreams?

This morning I was doing my weekly spot on 105.3 HOT FM in Grand Rapids when the hosts, Gravy and Rachael asked me about a story they saw in The National Enquirer, which states that comedian DANA CARVEY is telling pals he’s convinced there is life after death, because the spirit of his friend Robin Williams keeps appearing to him! Dana says of these encounters, “Robin comes to ...