Ultimate Dream Package

The Ultimate Dream Package!


Give Someone the Gift of Understanding Their Dreams…

1) A personal 1-on-1 dream consultation with the country’s leading dream expert.

2) An AUTOGRAPHED copy of Cracking the Dream Code.

3) A LIFETIME membership to Lauri’s private dream site.

This amazing package includes a certificate that entitles the holder to a private 1-on-1 dream session with me. Your loved one will be amazed at how much information I will uncover about his or her current situation from just one dream!

A Powerful Combination That Will Impress Anybody on Your List



Take a Closer Look…

A Private 1-on-1 Dream Session ($50.00 value)

email-mom-2My interpretation will reveal the powerful – even life changing – advice and direction that is hidden in their dream.

They will be amazed at my accuracy and excited to move forward with the guidance that is revealed to them during our session… and they will thank YOU for it.

You will receive a beautiful certificate, printed on thick stock, that you can place in a card or in a stocking…

Autographed copy of Cracking the Dream Code ($21.50 value)

Cracking The Dream Code

A Step by Step How-To

Remember, understand, and control your dreams. PLUS my “Dream on it” technique where you learn how to ask your dreams for specific solutions or advice.

Day and Dream Journal

Get powerful results with my daily “Dream Decoding” technique where I show you how to easily make those crucial connections between your day and the imagery in your dream. Watch as your dream magically reveals its meaning to you!

HUGE Dream Dictionary

Over 1000 of the most common dream symbols defined in great detail. I don’t just define I ask you questions that will clarify what that symbol means in your dream.
After reading and using this book, you’ll realize that dreaming is just as important as waking; you’ll be able to connect to the part of your self that knows what is best for you.

LIFETIME Access to The Dream Zone Experience ($99.00 value)

Lifetime access!

  • HUGE DREAM DICTIONARY of over 6000 symbols (no ads)
    (enter one word or your entire dream for instant interpretations!)
  • Dream Discussion Forum Talk to ME and other members about your
    dreams and make new friends.
  • Your Own Private Interactive Dream Decoding Dream Journal.
    Find out how your days affect your dreams. (archives and organizes
    all your dreams, VERY Powerful!)
  • Step-By-Step Instruction on how to REMEMBER, INTERPRET,
    and CONTROL your dreams.
  • Celebrity Dreams, Article Archives, Dream of the week
    and so much more!

The Ultimate Dream Gift!

  • 5 star reviewI was like their hero
  • Just wanted to let you know I ordered two sets of your dreambooks for presents and the two people I gave them to were so excited. They said I find the best gifts, so just wanted to say thanks.
  • – Paula B, Cleveland, OH
  • 5 star reviewI couldn’t put them down!
  • I have purchased all of Lauri’s books. I couldn’t put them down! I even bought several as gifts. I TOTALLY recommend these for yourself or a gift for ANY occasion!
  • – Kim Johnson Brush, Muskegan, MI
  • 5 star reviewYou are the best!
  • “Since I’ve been reading your books, my friends are always asking me to help them interpret their dreams!
  • – Jessica Martinez, Aurora, CO
  • 5 star reviewI don’t know why I didn’t order these books YEARS ago.
  • I’m halfway through “So What Did You Dream Last Night” and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You had me cracking up several times. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one with completely off the wall dreams.
  • – Gina, Springdale, PA

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