So, What Did You Dream Last Night?

So, What Did You Dream Last Night?

5 star review“My girlfriend LOVES this book! Our friends who have picked it up from the coffee table have dug it too. That’s why I had to order 2 more!” – Robert, Kill Devil Hills, NC

An Illustrated Journey into the Mysterious Dreaming Mind

Gain a better understanding of how our dreams are at work in our daily lives and what factors in life cause us to dream the weird things we do.
Discover the physiological and psychological reasons we dream, falling / flying / fleeing, and what it means when strange things happen to our bodies in dreams.

OVER 80 Illustrations!

Fun, enlightening and beneficial in so many areas of your life.

Once you get this book you will be uncovering and discovering the inner mysteries of the dream world within minutes…

  • Over 70 actual dreams
  • Over 80 illustrations
  • Dream dictionary
  • Celebrities in dreams show you how you are currently “performing” (Chapter 10)
  • Nudity in dreams helps you to be prepared (Chapter 3)
  • Animals in dreams are a mirror of your behavior (Chapter 6)
  • Strange things happening to your body often show you what you lack (Chapter 5)
  • Nightmares are actually good for you (Chapter 12)
  • Dreams after a loved one dies might actually be a direct line of communication with the other side (Chapter 13)

Over 80 Illustrations



FREE BONUS! Dreaming 101

A Crash Course in Understanding Your Dreams and Reaping the Endless Benefits” (39.95 value)

FREE Bonus! ($39.95 value)This is over an hour of EXTREMELY POWERFUL information that YOU NEED TO KNOW and will have you remembering more of your dreams and understanding them like never before.

Remember, when you can understand your dreams you have the ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Here’s what you’ll hear me explain to you in high quality audio …

  • How to easily figure out the symbols in your dreams
  • What you MUST DO to remember your dreams (you average about 5 per night)
  • The 3 MUST KNOW rules to understanding your dreams
  • What the 3 most common dreams mean ( Falling Adultery Celebrities)
  • How to program yourself to dream about what or whom you want
  • How to figure out numbers in your dreams
  • Why we have recurring dreams

Book Reviews

  • 5 star reviewThis book has helped me so much.
  • I have also used it to help my wife and some friends. The best purchase I’ve made! I’d give you a big kiss for restoring a good night’s (day’s, I work 3rd shift) sleep for me. It’s also a great read. Thank you so much!
  • – Shane, Canastota, NY
  • 5 star reviewI love the book already
  • I was in the line for my boys school and was reading the whole way. I do not suggest anyone else to try this. I almost had a few fender benders! Anyway I just love it!
  • – Kimberly, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • I was like their hero. They said I find the best gifts.
  • Just wanted to let you know I ordered two sets of your books for presents and the two people I gave them to were so excited. I was like their hero. They said I find the best gifts, so just wanted to say thanks.
  • – Paula B, Cleveland, OH
  • I bought this book for my daughter and she loved it so much she told me I had to get one of my own! Thank you!
  • – Yvette, Santa Maria, CA
  • My girlfriend LOVES this book
  • Our friends who have picked it up from the coffee table have dug it too. That’s why I had to order 2 more!
  • – Robert, Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • You are a very talented, very sensitive and gifted woman
  • You are a very talented, very sensitive and gifted woman! Your book is a LOVELY treasure trove filled with a plethora of valuable tidbits for those who want to get in touch with their deeper subconscious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and exquisite artwork with the rest of the world!
  • – Kimberlie Wollan, San Marcos, CA
  • After reading your book I had several rather vivid dreams and remembered most of them…
  • In the past, I have only occasionally been conscious of my dreams. Most of the time I would simply go to sleep and awaken the next day with nothing in between. I will say after reading your book in one evening, I did have several rather vivid dreams and remembered most of them the next morning. I’m looking forward to completing your course.
  • – Dr. Rone (Mayor of McMinvillle, TN)
  • I don’t know why I didn’t order these books YEARS ago.
  • I’m halfway through “So What Did You Dream Last Night” and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You had me cracking up several times. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one with completely off the wall dreams.
  • – Gina, Springdale, PA

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  1. last night i dream of my leat mother in my graundma what doest that mine

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