Zombies have been staggering into our dreams long before they were so prominent in our pop culture, believe it or not.  But knowing what zombies actually represent to our collective unconscious, it makes sense as to why they frequent our dreams as much as they do.  Think about what a zombie is, it’s a dead body that still has life to it.  It is decaying and falling apart, yet it walks and eats and tries to survive even though it ought to be dead and buried.  It does not belong in the land of the living.  In that same vein, many of us tend to keep certain issues or grudges alive even though they came to an end some time ago.

Recently, I was a guest on  AJ’s Playhouse in San Diego, CA when a gal called in with a zombie dream… and this one ate brains!

What I didn’t get to address on the air – due to being up against a commercial block – was the brain eating aspect of this dream.  Yeah, zombies are known to eat brains, but there is certainly more to it than the fact that it comes with the territory.  This dream is showing this caller, not only that her grudge against her mother is something that she needs to let die, but that it is also eating away at her. It is consuming her thoughts, hence the eating of the brain reference.  This dream is a very clear message that her grudge has got to go.

Did you hear her relief when she was finally able to understand this dream? I think I might have even heard a chorus of angels sing!!  That’s what your dreams are doing for you every single night.  They are giving you the answers you need, the advice you seek and the solutions to all your problems… you just need to be able to understand their language.

When understood, your dreams offer a continuous supply of answers, warnings and inspiration that you need to know. Your dreams are pretty much a how-to guide for your life. Any dilemma you ever face, any inspiration you ever need, any warning you need to pay attention to… it is ALL given to you in your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Must… eat… braaaains!

  1. I've been having A LOT (I mean for two weeks straight!!!!) about the living dead. The one strange thing is, they are not vicious brain eaters. They only rise from the dead to…"gRAVE"! They come from their graves to have a huge party. If you've ever seen Michael Jackson's "Thriller" that should provide a pretty good idea…except the ending. They actually have been my guardians and have been protecting me from vampires and werewolves, not to mention the horde of human beings, scientists, exorcists, the military, FBI agents…everyone!!!! They have taken me off of the streets and into their loving rotting arms. It's as if their love will never die (undying love! Great symbols here!)

    It's very strange, but they've been getting worse. At first we were all going to an EDM concert in Boise (which was something I heard about and am going to attend) and they protected me from a vampire who was after me. The zombies told me that EDM (dubstep in particular) is where they get their "Earthly energy" (yes that is exactly what they said, Earthly energy). So it's gone from a lively, undead party, then people blowing up or breaking into our safe havens and making us move again and again and again, then me (as a human) getting caught and forced to take part as a guinea pig in a test for some "zombimmunity" serum (which I violently protested against) to me becoming a zombie and getting caught by people and in one instance, tortured for pure enjoyment by the "scientists". It's really freaky!!

    Thus, reading this seems to be contradictory to what my zombie "nightmares" have been lately. Maybe it's because they mean something different to me or are filling in for something different? BTW, I got to do some lucid dreaming and they gave me some neat answers for the weird, scary and just plain gross stuff they do! Why do they walk with their arms outstretched? Why do they come after our brains or feast upon our flesh and blood? Do they really move slowly like in the Hollywood movies? How does a zombie really turn someone into one of their own? Do you retain your personality after being zombified? No rotten stench of dead flesh so what do they really smell like in my mind? The answers were quite compelling for a zombie admirer…you might find them interesting!

    I'm definitely going to be getting a call in about these dreams.

  2. Oh a good treat for Halloween (or Day Of The Dead)….look up a creature called "alebrije"!

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