Life is a journey.  We all seem to naturally view it as such.  Just think of all the journey-infused metaphors we use when talking about our lives: “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,”  “I’m really at a cross-roads right now,”  “Our relationship has hit a road block,” and “I’m ready to take my life in a different direction,” just to name a few.  With this collective perspective of traveling through life, it is only fitting that our dreams would place us in a myriad of travel-related adventures.
In the literal world, there are many physical paths on which to travel, such as road, sea, air, and track.   In the figurative world, there are many life paths to travel: career paths, relationship paths and spiritual paths, for example.  And in the dream world, each type of path you may find yourself on, as well as each type of vehicle you may find yourself in, is not only related to your various life paths but will also give great insight into how successfully or how poorly you are navigating these paths.  In other words, the path, whether it be the road, air or water, is the particular path you have chosen; the vehicle is your ability to travel that path.

For example, spaceships, UFOs, rockets, space shuttles, all these vehicles are capable of traveling not only high into the sky but beyond this world, so when they travel into our dreams they represent our extreme high hopes of being able to travel above and beyond our personal world as we now know it.

A great example of such a dream came from radio personality Mike Calta, who can be heard on 102.5 The Bone here in Tampa, FL.  I was on his show back in April of ’09 when he relayed an interesting dream he had about the space shuttle…

A syndication deal would certainly transport Mike to another world as far as his career path goes. But unfortunately, as his dream suggests, he’s had to suffer let down after let down. What the dream is also showing him is that the let downs and set backs are not of his own doing but of his company, because he was being towed by the Space Shuttle (his company), he wasn’t piloting it. The good news is that since this dream, The Bone has gone all talk, giving Mike a much greater platform to display his talents. The Mike Calta Show is now the most listened to afternoon show in Tampa Bay!

book-dream-on-it-ribbonLike Mike’s Dream, your dreams are full of meaning and are guiding you down your career path too. Your dreams are a built in GPS helping you to navigate all your paths, actually. My latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life will teach you how to easily understand all the signs in your dreams. It covers everything from travel and vehicle dreams to nightmares and sex dreams. Keep it on your nightstand and you’ll never have to wonder what your dreams mean again!

“Your books have been a life saver for me!  Being able to understand my dreams has helped me to turn my marriage around because they were showing me what I have been doing to make our situation worse. Wow. It’s unbelievable how helpful my dreams have been to me.  I can not thank you enough.”  – Tammy, Flagstaff, AZ

6 thoughts on “Ever travel to space in your dreams?

  1. Irma Capone says:

    Well it is true that we dream always about that thing which we often think in our minds like like dream about traveling in space or something. these dreams always mean something which we can know form a dream dictionary easily. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a lot alien abduction dreams (not nightmares) whenever I feel I'm not on the right path in life, after breakups, misunderstandings with people (I always feel so…alienated!) and such.They can be so intense that after several days even weeks I've often thought to myself "did I really do that or was it real contact?"-Real contact with aliens? Yes. Real contact from real extraterrestrials? Only in my dreams…

    BTW, I've been having a LOT of dreams (I mean like three times per night) about attending dubstep concerts with Flux Pavilion and Doctor P…and this one guy on youtube whom I admire. That and some horrible nightmares about going to the past to prevent the extinction of prehistoric life to further advance the human race, only to find humans were the cause of their extinction, and I am trying to save baby prehistoric life forms while being killed and dying along with them or even outright sacrificing myself for them. Horrible. Just plain horrible. I'm going to set up a call with you soon.

    Also, lucid dreaming is going well!

  3. Had a dream last night that I escaped a spaceship on a smaller space-vehicle, and broke through glass into the vasness of space. The view was mesmorizing.

  4. James Knight says:

    Link to book is broken

  5. Eddie Lowe says:

    Had another extremely vivid long dream where I was in control of all sorts of planes and from what I could tell had to be space ships from God knows where but all too futuristic.. I also felt at one point I had a rocket pack on and could fly into the sky into space thru the stars and back to earth
    .. I dont know how my brain could produce such landscapes of space and details of these flying vehicles.. .I could feel the g-force as I accelerated from Boston to California in a matter of seconds.. This was too real to not mean something and if I could dream like that every night I would be a happy and considerably more interesting man..and to all of those who have joined me in and can make it to this otherworldly adventure…I wish to fly by you some night.. Happy traveles fellow dreamers.

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