A dream of lots of tornadoes… oh my!

Weather changes from one day to the next, even from one moment to the next, and so do our emotions. To the dreaming mind, our emotions are the weather conditions that form and flow within our psyche. Just as a meteorologist tracks the weather in order to keep us informed and prepared to handle the days ahead, so should we track and understand our psychological weather to keep us informed and prepared to handle our lives. If you pay attention, your own dreaming mind will give you the most accurate and reliable emotional forecast available.

The other day I was doing my regular Tuesday morning appearance on WIFC with Dave and Stacy in Wausau, WI  when a listener named Lisa called in with her tornado dream.  Listen to the audio below as I break down her dream for her. You’ll find out what emotional issue in her life these tornadoes are connected to, which will help you understand your own tornado dreams, and the very important message they have for her. I also reveal one of my 10 Rules To Remember when decoding your dream.

As frightening as tornado dreams can be, they are actually good for you because they are alerting you to the fact that you are letting your worry and anxiety get the best of you… and like Lisa’s dream, it is often worry and anxiety over something that you may not be able to do anything about. Your dream is showing you your own worry in the form of a tornado so that you can understand the destructive force it has on your psyche.

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“I got so much more than I expected from your interpretation. I was happily surprised at the amount of time and detail you put into making sense of my dream for me. I learned  that what I thought was a disturbing dream actually has a positive message for a stressful situation in my life. I feel confident in how to proceed and my optimism is returning. Thank you, Lauri!”
– Jill, Tampa, FL

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3 thoughts on “A dream of lots of tornadoes… oh my!

  1. Roxetta Cullen says:

    that is interesting. I'm glad I don't dream of tornadoes. but I feel bad for the woman who dreamed this.

  2. Remember, it's good that she had this dream. It was warning her of something she needed! Nightmares are good for us, not bad. But if you ever get that dream you'll know to take a breather and calm down. Of course, you might not dream of tornadoes, but something else that your psyche uses in place of one…unless you don't allow things to bother you to the point of having a dream like this.

    Good for you!

  3. HAPPY (belated) HALLOWEEN LAURI!!! For this occasion, I'd like to give you a run down of two nightmares I had recently.

    While I haven't had any tornado nightmares, my own mind is warning me about a doctor visit after I was found to have high(er) blood pressure than normal. While I don't have disastrously high blood pressure it's on the higher side of normal. My mom has a genetic condition that makes her body automatically produce too much cholesterol which can cause high blood pressure (cholesterol oddly enough IS GOOD for us in the normal range, and more severe if it's too low) and I have to go in for a blood test tomorrow *shudder* I HATE blood tests…and my dreaming mind is NOT cool with that.

    I do wonder if the severity of the nightmare could be telling me that I'm dreading the issue a bit too much, as in this case, it was a doctors office run by needle wielding children who were stopping me at every turn and, in one scene forced me into a "pool" of literally millions of needles. Like I said, I HATE, HATE, HATE, HAAAAAAAAAAAATE blood tests, so in going through with it, it's brought up a childhood fear, thus manifesting into all of the children who were attacking me with them. It's really "needling" me and by the intensity, I'm clearly on "pins and needles" about this, but it's "needle"ss for me to worry as much as i am. The nightmare scenario, if brought into the physical would be ten times worse than what is likely to happen. Also, my dreaming mind could be making me realize the fear is not as bad as i;m making it out to be by presenting a worse situation, and making me face my fear…only…about ten times worse! lol

    However, the other dream I think it is warning me of the possible outcome of the doctors situation (as after seeing her she appeared in my nightmare as a deranged psychopath running an "asylum" in which i was sent for pulling a tooth out to ensure a crooked one would grow straight) and, in the end, I was forced into suicide. I know things in nutrition that are actually GOOD for us that many doctors take for granted are "death foods", when, just like nightmares, they seem bad, they have a bad reputation, but are not bad for us in the right amounts! Not a tornado dream, but quite a disturbing one…one that I've found has many meanings, and as far as me poisoning myself in a suicide attempt, literal ones too! Just like you've said, a disturbing dream is a GOOD dream once we learn what it is trying to tell us.

    I had this nightmare not just after my doctor visit for a rash i had (and found out my blood pressure was a little on the nigh side), but after i read a report on people who were two times as likely to take their own lives due to taking cholesterol lowering drugs (thus lowering mood regulating serotonin!!), something my inner mind obviously telling me to be cautious about, and to get out of if it gets "out of hand". Not only that, but a reminder to take the matters, for better or worse, into my own hands and to poison myself at my own will, either from fright or peer pressure. Don't let the doctors take away what's really good for me in an attempt to meet their requirements for things they think are bad.

    Again a perfect example of how nightmares are actually our best friends offering a supportive pat upon the back. If I do see a tornado, I'll be sure to make changes, and rapidly.

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