Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life

Inside Dream On It I show how to:


  • Easily find the hidden messages in your dreams with my 10 Rules to Remember
  • Understand commonly occurring people, places and animals as extensions of your personality
  • Decipher the real meaning behind nightmares like falling, drowning, and being chased
  • Discover the big messages in seemingly small dream elements as Lauri guides you through dozens of real-life dreams
  • Use your dreams as a tool to solve your everyday problems and effect real change in your life and relationships
  • Reference the most important dream symbols with a comprehensive dream dictionary

Simply the best! This is a life-changing book! Extremely well written, practical, serious, easy to read and with wells of real wisdom.

– Journalist Margareta Hagglund, Stockholm, Sweden

Dream On It is very thorough and teaches you how the dreaming mind works as well as how different dream themes are connected to different parts of you.For example animals are your behavior and instincts, house dreams are about your self image and state of mind. Weather dreams are about your emotions.

Featured on Dr. Oz, the Bethenny show, the Today Show, The View, Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America and more.


57 thoughts on “Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life

  1. It makes me wonder…if the dreaming mind is a "second brain". If that it's the REAL reality? Not just that, but it also makes me very, very skeptical if, way deep down, we all secretly know what each and every dream really means. It's just that the waking mind (partly due to our obsession with…"reality" grounded in facts, logic and well…LITERAL logic in this society) is looking at everything, including reality itself wrong! Is it not so much that our dreams don't make sense…or that they are too complex for the waking, literally bound mind to comprehend? I mean while we're dreaming…are we actually MORE awake than when we are during the day? I'd say a resounding yes to that!

    Deep stuff or what?

    Also, I'm hoping to make another appointment with you soon. You're so fun to talk to, in fact I've even had dreams about it! Of course, to the dreaming mind…

  2. Sigourney McKeen says:

    Wow!!! Dream on It told me EXACTLY what my dream meant. I was able to look up my dream and realize something I thought I was over, I'm actually really not. The issue is still bugging me! Dream on It needs to be in everyone's home! Just wake up and flip to the pages that talk about your dream and voila! There it is. The wonderful thing about this book is its so easy to read! There aren't huge words you have to have a dictionary for!
    Quite looking forward to another mind boggling dream just so I can look it up!

  3. Monique Fiore Orr says:

    This book is fantastic! It's like having a therapist at your fingertips without the charge.

  4. Brenda Broadway says:

    I <3 it!

  5. Ruth Olson says:

    I never could figure out what being chased by a raccoon meant until I read your books. Definitely worth the price of admission.

  6. Christopher Steven Foley says:

    Having heard Lauri on UK radio broadcast initially… I purchased Dream On It; and it all became far clearer to help and understand my dreams…and everyone else's too. Easy to read and follow, it helps to explain our sleeping psyche so much…excellent and very informative…x.

  7. I read your book_Dream on it_ Thanks for confirming that the messages that come from our dreams are from us to us and about us…..is the best gift I ever bought for myself!

  8. I have three of Lauri's books and each has been entertaining and enlightening. Dream On It may be the best of the books. I love her insights.

  9. Cindy Sturm says:

    Hi, I saw you on the Katie Couric rerun last week and I am going to get this book. but.. funny thing is… I never remember having dreams, maybe once in a blue moon will I ever recall having one. Although, when I do it's very significant as to what is going on in my life. I am around a few people that have VIVID dreams.. I would love to experience that every night like they do… 🙂 maybe your book will provide me with some insight to my situation.

  10. HI iwant that book of dream it were can i found it,thxbye

  11. l dreamt seeing a donkey giving birth to triplex..l was in my rural home control a donkey cart..then one of the donkeys gave birth to triplets

  12. I dreamt running as somebody was about to cross the winning line I passed him and won

  13. Chris Ream says:

    I have dreams about people dying and I feel everything that they go through

  14. Chris Ream says:

    does that book really help cuz I really need it

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